Solar activity on May 6, 2015

Already in the activity declining phase of the cycle 24

The following sun images have been taken through a solar telescope: Lunt LS80THa. This was first light for this telescope! The solar filaments are clearly visible, as well as some prominences around the sun. Tiny sunspot can be easily identified.

 · Sun images taken on May 6, 2015, @ 13:20 UTC. Setup: Canon EOS 5D III with Lunt LS80THa/PT/B1800FT. Wavelength 656.29nm, bandpass 0.07nm. Optics 560mm, f/7. Exp 1/60s, f/7, ISO 200.

 · Image with legend (left). Multi-contrast image, based on the original RAW (right).

 · Multi-contrast image, including the Earth to scale, which is not respected on the preview. Click on the left image for getting it! A size comparison with other objects, including COVID-19 on the right image.

© Michel Willemin

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