Solar activity on May 28, 2023 ‐ Observed through a Lunt LS80THa solar telescope

The cycle 25 is offering nice solar activity with a lot of different features visible on the solar disc!

Dedicated solar telescope with 80mm aperture and 560mm focal length. The internal etalon with the pressure tuning system allows for a <0.7Å bandwidth. Solar observation and photography are requiring a safe equipment, as the sun power can induce irreversible eye damages in the case of an unapproriate setup. List of material used on May 28, 2023: Lunt LS80THa/PT/B1800FT + Camera ZWO ASI294MM Pro (uncooled) + Equatorial mount SkyWatcher HEQ5 Pro.

 · Solar image and setup

Imaging: Prominences (red) taken at 11:46 UTC, with an exposure of 7x 2.5ms and Gain=200. Solar disk (yellow) taken at 12:04 UTC, with an exposure of 30x 0.9ms and Gain=120. Raw images are pure black and white. The colors have been introduced during the back-end treatment of the images. The real color would be dark red, corresponding to the wavelength of the Hα line at 656.29nm.
High-resolution black and white image of the sun on May 28, 2023.

© Michel Willemin

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