Few pictures and movie of solar eclipses observed from Europe

Partial solar eclipse of May 31, 2003 observed from Chasseral (Bern, Switzerland)

Setup for the five first images: Canon AE-1 Program and FD 70-210mm f/4. Film: Kodachrome 64. Approximate time: 3:41 UTC. The two last images are the results of a digital camera Minolta F100. Data of the last image: 1/350s, f/8.0, focal length 23.4mm, through a Nikon (10x50) binocular, 3:46 UTC.

The total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 observed from Vouziers (Ardennes, France)

Setup for all images of this total solar eclipse: Canon AE-1 Program and Achromat Refractor Vixen 80mm, f/11.4. Solar filter: Astrosolar Baader density 5.0 and B+W 486.
Publications written in French: Extrait des Actes 2000 de la Société Jurassienne d'Émulation and Preprint of the eclipse report

A partial solar eclipse observed on October 12, 1996 from Saignelégier (Jura, Switzerland)

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