Few pictures and movies of solar eclipses observed from Europe

Annular solar eclipse of June 10, 2021 during its partial phase, observed from Marin (Neuchâtel, Switzerland)

Simulation generated by TheSky Astronomy Software, Level IV, Version 5, for Marin (Neuchâtel, Switzerland). Exact coordinates: latitude 47° 00′ 44″ N, longitude 7° 00′ 09″ E, elevation 454m. At that location, beginning of the eclipse at 9:25 UTC, maximum (8%) at 10:17 UTC, end at 11:11 UTC.
Setup: Canon EOS M6 + EF 400mm f/5.6 L + Ext 2x III + filter Marumi DHG ND-100000. Equivalent focal length 800mm. Settings for the solar images: Exp 1/1600s, f/16, ISO 200. Time: 10:30 UTC and 10:57 UTC. Resolution: 1.9″ ≙ 1 pixel. Source of the map: IMCCE/P. Rocher.

QR-code providing the data of the exact location, which is important for the calculation of the lunar limb. The « Sea Urchin Diagram » giving the lunar-limb profile in a polar plot has been prepared by Cédric Willemin, based on the data and sofware Occult provided by Dave Herald (Murrumbateman, Australia).
The precise topocentric lunar librations for that location and date are: L=-2.11°, B=-0.64°, C=357.07°.
Press clipping from Journal du Jura: June 10, 2021 and June 12, 2021

Partial solar eclipse of May 31, 2003 observed from Chasseral (Bern, Switzerland)

Setup for the five first images: Canon AE-1 Program and FD 70-210mm f/4. Film: Kodachrome 64. Approximate time: 3:41 UTC. The two last images are the results of a digital camera Minolta F100. Data of the last image: 1/350s, f/8.0, focal length 23.4mm, through a Nikon (10x50) binocular, 3:46 UTC.

The total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 observed from Vouziers (Ardennes, France)

Setup for all images of this total solar eclipse: Canon AE-1 Program and Achromat Refractor Vixen 80mm, f/11.4. Solar filter: Astrosolar Baader density 5.0 and B+W 486.
Publications written in French: Extrait des Actes 2000 de la Société Jurassienne d'Émulation and Preprint of the eclipse report

A partial solar eclipse observed on October 12, 1996 from Saignelégier (Jura, Switzerland)

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