Websites of interest in relation with astronomy

General astronomy
Deep-Sky Atlas
The Sky LIVE
ORIONmedien GmbH

NASA websites and Hubble space telescope (HST) links
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Space Telescope Electronic Information Service
Hubble Space Telescope
HST Pictures
James Webb Space Telescope
Other Cool NASA Web Sites

Observatoire de Genève
Home Page de l'Observatoire de Besançon
Home Page de l'Observatoire de Paris
European Southern Observatory

Astronomical societies and clubs
Sociétés astronomique de Suisse (SAG-SAS)
Union romande des sociétés d'astronomie (URSA)
Société d'astronomie de St-Imier
Société Astronomique du Valais Romand (SAVAR)
La société neuchâteloise d'astronomie (SNA)
Groupement des astronomes amateurs courriérois (GAAC)

Friends working in field of astronomy and astronautics
Home page Claude Nicollier
Home page Raoul Behrend

The phenomena of nature
Atmospheric Optics
Rainbow Calculation
Observatoire français des tornades et orages violents
Impacts de foudre (

Solar observation – Real-time solar activity
The SOlar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)
Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) for the SDO
National Solar Observatory

Planets and satellites exploration
Lunar Atlas from the Apollo Missions
Mars Missions
Mars Global Surveyor
Malin Space Science Systems (Mars Global Surveyor)
Venus Overview
Magellan Mission to Venus (JPL)
Système solaire interactif 3D

The Photopic Sky Survey
Astronomical Images ‐ Deep Sky Astrophotography
Starmatt Astrophotography
Astrophotography by Alan Friedman
Astronomical Cameras: A Guide to Astrophotography

Image sensors and equipment setup for astronomy
Astronomy Threads Explained
Celestron f/6.3 reducer/corrector with DSLR on C9.25
Baader Herschel Wedge ‐ How to check it?
Astronomik Narrowband Filters Hα, Hβ, OIII and SII
UV filters for Venus photography ‐ Spectrum

Weather forecast (of great importance in astronomy !)
Weather Forecast for Switzerland
Meteoblue ‐ Astronomy Seeing
Radar system from the ETHZ
Landi Meteo
Weather Center for Europe (german service)

Other family sites (not related to astronomy!)

Home page of Madeleine (Discover the World of Honey)
Home page of Cédric 
Home page of Cédric as a small kid (no update since a very long time...)

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