Websites of interest in relation with astronomy

General astronomy
· astro!nfo
· ORIONmedien GmbH

Nasa websites and Hubble space telescope (HST) links
· NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
· Space Telescope Electronic Information Service
· Hubble Space Telescope
· HST Pictures
· Other Cool NASA Web Sites

· Observatoire de Genève
· Home Page de l'Observatoire de Besançon
· Home Page de l'Observatoire de Paris
· European Southern Observatory

Astronomical societies and clubs
· Sociétés astronomique de Suisse (SAG-SAS)
· Union romande des sociétés d'astronomie (URSA)
· Société d'astronomie de St-Imier
· Société d'astronomie du Valais romand
· La société neuchâteloise d'astronomie
· Groupement des astronomes amateurs courriérois

Friends working in field of astronomy
· Home Page Behrend
· Home Page Nicolet

The phenomena of nature
· Atmospheric Optics
· Rainbow Calculation
· Observatoire français des tornades et orages violents
· Impacts de foudre

Sun observation
· Space Weather
· The SOlar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
· Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)
· Solar Dynamics Observatory on Wikipedia

Planets and satellites exploration
· Lunar Atlas from the Apollo Missions
· Mars Missions
· Mars Global Surveyor
· Malin Space Science Systems (Mars Global Surveyor)
· Venus Overview
· Magellan Mission to Venus (JPL)

· The Photopic Sky Survey
· Astronomical Images - Deep Sky Astrophotography
· Starmatt Astrophotography
· Astrophotography by Alan Friedman
· Astronomical Cameras: A Guide to Astrophotography

Image sensors and equipment setup for astronomy
· Astronomy Threads Explained
· Celestron f/6.3 reducer/corrector with DSLR on C9.25

Weather forecast (of great importance in astronomy !)
· Weather Forecast for Switzerland
· Weather Forecast (NZZ), radar image
· Radar system from the ETHZ
· Landi Meteo
· Weather Center for Europe (german service)
· Satellite image of Europe

Other family sites (not related to astronomy!)

· Home Page of Madeleine (under construction, more about honey will follow)
· Home Page of Cédric 
· Home Page of Cédric as a small kid (no update since a very long time...)

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